Horseback Riding


Horse back riding located on the east side of the island in Fond D'or (The Valley of Gold) Nature & Historical Park, in the heart of the Mabouya Valley, Dennery is 40 minutes from Castries (North) and 30 minutes from Vieux Fort (South).

Ride with the spirits of the Mabouya, with origins in ancient and Latin American mythology, the spirit of the snake. The Mabouya Valley in St. Lucia derives it's name from the snake like meandering of it's main river which originates from the magnificence of La Sorciere (the sorceress) mountain.

The Mabouya Valley is located on the east coast of the island. It has always been the center of agriculture starting as a cotton plantation in the late eighteenth century, sugar cane production from 1787 to 1960 followed by bananas from the 1960's.

The Mabouya Valley is best known for the many disputes and strikes by farmers against poor working conditions and as the birth place of both political parties.

Fond D'or Nature Reserve

The park covers approximately 400 acres which includes the ruins of a Carib settlement, sugar plantation and a variety of wild life which is a nesting ground for the endangered leather back Turtle.

The Riding Trail

The riding is for at least two hours of having fun out in the wild with all the beautiful scenic views. The riding trail goes through the ancient ruins to the Interpretation Center Museum for a breath taking view of a carved image of a lion and a head of a tribal chief, old sugar mill, banana plantation, river banks ect. . From there it meanders coconut palms to the Atlantic Ocean, where you can enjoy a thousand feet of sandy beach and see the nesting grounds of the leather back turtle, and a closer look at the carved Lion and the head of the tribal chief.

The trail continues through the rain forest, where you can watch a collection of birds and crabs, or collect some of natures medicine from the wild and getting to sample local fruits and coco nut fresh from the tree.


Adults : US$90 Per Person

Kids Under 12 Years : US$50 Per Person

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